移动客户端 APP

  • 总是可见的快捷动作面板,随时可以操作;
  • 减少弹窗对某些应用的影响;
    • 截屏
    • 游戏
    • 直播等
  • 额外附加的功能;
    • 控制电脑音量或直接静音
    • 识别语音发送到电脑
    • 拍照上传到电脑等
  • 通过WIFI无线连接





With just a few clicks you can quickly and easily:

  • Search the entire disk drive from any window or folder
  • Quickly find any file you need with a few short key strokes
  • Instantly find & launch programs with a quick keyboard command
  • Copy or move files to any folder from any folder with easy context menu commands
  • Open a file with a specific program from anywhere
  • Instantly jump from file manager to a target folder with a simple key command
  • Create a Favorites list of commonly used files and apps for fast access
  • Right-Click any search result for a robust Action+Context menu
  • Quickly browse your recent app and file history to continue working where you left off
  • Search the web with Listary’s keyword query engine


Find As You Type

Noted as one of Listary’s most powerful search functions, simply start typing the name of the file or folder you need, from practically anywhere within the Windows OS environment. The “Find As you Type” function immediately opens a Listary browser window with a list of matching files, folders or apps.
Find As You Type

Disk Search let’s you quickly find files and folders across every drive on your system. Instead of Window’s default needing to select one drive at a time, simply open an Explorer window or start typing in an existing window, and Disk Search will find exactly what you’re looking for, on any drive attached to your system, at blazing fast speeds.
Disk Search

Launch Apps

One of the most powerful and favorite benefits of Listary users is the Launch App feature. With two clicks of the Ctrl key, you can type the name of the program or application you want to open, or use a shortcode, click return, and Listary opens the program.

For example click Ctrl twice, then type ‘Word’ and Listary will open Microsoft Word. Or, type ‘pp’ for PowerPoint, ‘ps’ for Photoshop, and voila! Listary opens the program!

And it just gets better over time. Listary uses your launch and search history to refine and improve search results automatically, creating an even faster workflow the more you use it.
Launch Apps

Quick Switch

Are you tired of digging through a slew of open windows to work with files in a program? With Listary’s Quick Switch feature, just click Ctrl+G to instantly jump to the open folder of the file you’re working with.
Quick Switch

Actions & Context Menus

Inside any Listary search menu, all you have to do to manipulate a selected file or folder is simply press the right-arrow key. Immediately you’ll see the file’s context menu pop up. From there all of Listary’s commands are at your fingertips. Fewer clicks means faster workflow!
Actions & Context Menus

Favorites And History

Something long missing from Windows is the ability to quickly and easily access a selection of your favorite folders and a history of previously opened windows. Now with Listary’s Favorites & History function, you can add folders to a Favorites section and browse window history with the click of a button for easy access. Just like the Bookmark function in your favorite web browser.
Favorites And History


Keep your workflow lighting fast and efficient!
Using Listary’s Command functions, you can use a set of hot-key commands to quickly complete tasks such as Open Last Folder, Explore Current Folder, Copy Folder Path, Go To Application Folder, Export List to CSV, Show Hidden Files and more. All using a single click or key command.

Web Search & Website Launch

Using the powerful Listary Keyword engine, you can type your search directly in Listary’s command window to launch a browser window for any website or search engine.

Instead of clicking or tabbing over to a browser, all you have to do is click Ctrl twice to launch Listary and start typing your Keyword search. For example “gg how to write html” will open Google search results for “How to write html” in your favorite browser.

Listary includes a plethora of keyword queries for popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, Google Maps and many more.
Web Search & Website Launch


Like waving a wand to access whatever you need, Listary’s Mouse accessory lets you double-click anywhere in the Windows environment to open a power menu with all of your most frequently accessed files and folders, as well as disk menus. Or simply click the Ctrl key twice to open a Listary search toolbar on-screen.




An effective launcher for windows
A full-featured launcher, access programs and web contents as you type. Be more productive ever since.

Wox is free for use and open-sourced at Github, Try it now!

Find Applications & Files
Quick Start program and local files without leaving your keyboard, automatic sorting based on usage.

Quick-Search the Web
Search the web by prefixing your search with keywords like wiki, g.

Add your own the web searches in Wox’s setting window to make them meet your daily needs.

Making a plugin for Wox is easy and Wox supports plugins written by CSharp,Python,NodeJS,Golang and so on. Create your own plugin and share with others now.

Match Wox to your desktop. Create your own themes by choosing colours,fonts, sizes and more.
Create your own theme by using theme builder now.



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